Top 10 Goalies of the coming season.

The next stage of my blog week of hockey is the top 10 lists. I always love them because you can go through them fast and the debates that follow are always special. This is not the top 10 list because each player will have his own little segment. But this is the intro and I cant wait to get started!!! Lets begin

The New Year of Hockey!!!!

Hey everybody who will read this it’s the Sports Dude here and I am here to talk about HOCKEY, HOCKEY, HOCKEY!!!!!! This is going to be an exciting season and this week I will be blogging all about hockey season. So during the school year I won’t have time to blog during the week so I will blog on weekends. The first subject I want to write about is exciting new rookies making a splash in the NHL and the other buzz that went around on July 31. The first thing I’d like to talk about was trades that should have been made. The Colorado Avalanche held the first pick and a Paul Stasny that was dipping in terms of the plays that he made and his production was suffering. The Lightning were buying out Vinny Lecavaleir and needed a new no. 2 center. They also held the third pick and Paul Stasny would be worth that and more. The Avs could have traded Paul Stasny to Tampa for the 3rd pick in the draft. The reason for that is Tampa Bay picked Jonathan Drouin and the Avs picked up Nathan MacKinnon. That duo killed teams at the junior level and every one wants to look for the next Stamkos and St. Louis. That is what they are and unless they get together in free agency the only time they play each other will truly be in different uniforms.  Now I just told you the first and third picks so you are probably thinking what about the second. And that second pick went to Alexander Barkov. The Florida Panthers picked up on a great international rookie. Because he is not playing in the North American leagues, its hard to guess how good he will be but I YouTubed him and found that he is a great power forward that gets tip goals and rebound goals but also has smooth hands for passing. The one thing he is lacking that is needed in every power forwards arsenal is the power part. Barkov is skinny and doesn’t do that much checking. He will need to get better at that if we want to see him preform as a Cam Nelly or a Milan Lucic type. The next pick that I found significant pick was Seth Jones going at No. 4 to the Nashville Predators. They had a steal and you don’t often say that about a number 4 pick but 3 teams who need defense more then offense missed out on a great defensive defenseman and a Nashville team that needed offense got a defenseman. The top 3 picks were all forwards which is not uncommon but the 4th pick is rare for the modern NHL. The next 2 picks went to a gifted two-way forward and a very good power forward ( Ellias Lindholm and Sean Monahan). But the next pick shocked everybody. The Edmonton Oilers took a defenseman. Yes THE EDMONTON OILERS took a DEFENSEMAN WITH THEIR FIRST ROUND PICK. And a good one too. Darnell Nurse has the body of Chris Pronger but can score like Erik Karlsson. Ohh and one other thing. He can hit like Lucic and fights like Darcy Tucker. The best picks I have to say as usual happened in the first round but the best picks of the first round happened from 4-11. That is uncommon and the No. 1,2, and 3 look the best but they don’t have the longevity of all the others. The late round sleepers were important but we wont be able to tell until they are in their 5th year where we will revisit the draft. But that is all for now because I need lunch. Later my peeps

I’m Back!!!

Hey Guys. I’m back!!!!!!!! After my brief stint on YouTube in which ended today just 30 minutes ago. So now I’m back to blogging with you the great country of the USA. The thing I wanted to talk about today is that college football is coming back!!! Yo! That’s pretty awesome. School is also starting soon which means so is HOCKEY SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH-YAH!!!!! The new division system is coming soon and the best thing is that new rivalries will be made.  The wild card idea is a great new playoff system that will get the other hockey towns get playoff action. The NHL just got a little more enjoyable!!!

Sports Dude Youtube Channel!!!

Hi everybody!!! I know I haven’t posted anything in a while but I have been setting up my new laptop with Microsoft Office. I just wanted to inform you that Sports Dude now has a YouTube channel. I will be uploading videos from 3-7 days a week. The biggest thing coming out of this is that you will know what is going on in my sports world as well as video game reviews, video game commentaries and the rest of the sports stuff, like my own SportsCenter  and news report. Playlists will include basketball where I review past games, give upcoming game previews and give basketball insight. The other playlists will have the same features and they will be football, baseball, hockey, and Other Sports. Thanks guys and check it out because the first video comes out tomorrow. The first edition of Sports Dude News

Colts vs. Giants Halftime Report

Both of the teams are playing slightly below average. The Giants allowed 3 trips to the red-zone and Andrew Luck’s two touchdowns could have been interceptions as soon as they were touchdowns. The referees have been good…….. NOT!!! The refs said that both players were going at the ball because they were getting tangled up while going for the ball. Well DUHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! The point of interest in the game football is the FOOTBALL. . The Colts are winning 17-9 and the 3d quarter is starting. Coming back to you at the end. Later my people. 

Giants vs. Colts first quater

The first quarter is a very good quarter for fantasy owners like myself. This quarter showed us both sides of both QB’s. The good side with heroes and the bad sides with almost interceptions and interceptions. thee big story of the quarter was Peyton Manning being his bonehead, which doesn’t really matter because there are lots of boneheads in Jersey…. Yep were talking about Snooki on a sports blog. Any way the second quarter started. Laters

Giants vs. Colts

Tonight there is only one football game I’m going to watch and that is Giants Vs Colts. The Giants look like they are going to win on a solid defense but the entire idea of Andrew Luck not scoring one touchdown if he plays more then one drive. Eli Manning on the other hand is a iffy QB. He has surges of brilliance  but like his New York Jets counterpart Mark Sanchez he makes bonehead plays like running out the second quarter clock and throwing interceptions when he really shouldn’t. The Indianapolis Colts have an arguable better running game and if Luck can keep his cool they can have a good offense. Now the biggest thing about this game is that two pocket quarterbacks with good offensive lines it should be a lot of passing in the first-string time but in the time following will be a lot of ground game and so much more turning the ball over and sacking the QB. If you are going to watch one drive of the entire game make it the first one because the passing game will be in full swing and the defense will be at it’s best. Hard-nosed football and the finest offense you will see for the entire game. The best positional players are going to be the QB’s because the offensive line is so good that it will be easy too complete passes and scramble through the hole that they leave. The running backs will be the second best because of.. the OFFENSIVE LINEMAN!!! The game is going to be very good and the best players will shine through the others due to lack of star power on each team. The winner will be…………… The New York Giants!!!!! They will win because of stingy defense and a mediocre offense versus a bad defense. That is my BOLD prediction for tonight’s game.